Surfboards, Parking and Bracelets

Pranchas, Estacionamento e pulseiras

(on donation basis) - (regime de doações)


One of Gliding Barnacles mottos is to expect the unexpected.

But last october, Mother Nature caught us off guard and a hurricane smashed our town. It was the most powerful storm to hit the country since 1842 and it completely devastated both our warehouse and our concerts garage. All the past years’ hard work was heartbreakingly swept away by the storm. With the hurricane and additional funding cuts we didn’t lose our resilience but we do need some help to get back on our feet.

We’re asking for donations and in return we’ll try to give something back to everyone who helps.

If you want to bring your caravan, we suggest:

Rider donation

Surfboard + Bracelet (meals, drinks, freebies) + Shore Line Parking

Highest donation

Bracelet (meals, drinks, freebies) + Shore Line Parking

large donation

Bracelet (meals, drinks, freebies) + Middle Line Parking

big donation

Bracelet (meals, drinks, freebies) + Back Line Parking

If you’re not bringing a caravan but still want to help:

Surfer donation

Surfboard + Bracelet (meals, drinks, freebies)

Friendly bracelet

Bracelet (meals, drinks, freebies)